Project Name Financing institution Project Title Contribution of the team Start and-End dates
SAVINMUCOPATH FP6 (STREP) Novel Therapeutic and Prophylactic Strategies to Control Mucosal Infections by South American bacterial strains JC SIRARD 2006-2009
HYPOCOPD Conseil régional Nord Pas de Calais Markers of inflammation associated with hypoxia in COPD I TILLIE-LEBLOND 2007-2010
FLAG ANRS – Projet d’émergence Proof of concept for the efficiency of bacterial flagellins as mucosal adjuvants to trigger neutralizing antibodies specific for HIV Env antigen JC SIRARD 2008-2009
SCHISTO Wellcome Trust Immunoepidemiology of schistosomiasis:fromthe mouse model to natural human infection F MUTAPI (Edimburgh) – F Trottein 2008-2010
INSERM-CONICET Molecular determinants and immune cells involved in immunity to flagellin JC SIRARD 2009-2010
Université Paris 13 – ECOS-Sud Uruguay Innate mechanisms of protection against pneumococcal diseases JC SIRARD 2009-2011
MUCOFLAG INSERM TRANSFERT / IPL Development of recombinant flagellins as mucosal functional molecules to control respiratory infections JC SIRARD 2009-2011
NKT-VIR ANR MIE Mechanisms of activation and role of iNKT cells during viral infections F TROTTEIN 2009-2012
NKT-cancer INCa – Projet libre Exploitation of anti-tumor properties of a-GalCer by dendritic cell targeting F TROTTEIN 2009-2012
NKT-COPD Société de pneumologie de langue française Dynamics of NKT cells in patients with COPD M PICHAVANT 2010-2011
FumInnée Région Nord Pas de Calais Establishment of an experimental model of COPD to study the role of NKT cells M PICHAVANT 2010-2012
NKT BPCO Société de Pneumologie de Langue Français Involvement of iNKT in COPD M PICHAVANT 2010-2013
FLAGMARK FP7 infrastructure Transvac Transcriptional analysis of flagellin-mediated adjuvant activity: defining predictive biomarkers of efficacy in blood samples JC SIRARD 2011-2012
VIRASTHMA Conseil régional Nord Pas de Calais Expression and function of virus-specific pattern-recognition receptor during asthma exacerbations in child M PICHAVANT – P GOSSET 2011-2013
Département de Défense des Etats-Unis Role of Natural Killer T Cells in Immunogenic Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer C PAGET 2011-2014
FLAGTRIAL FP7 infrastructure Transvac From mice to appropriate model of human intradermal immunization: efficacy and signature of the TLR5 agonist flagellin in pigs JC SIRARD 2012-2013
INNATEBIOTIC INSERM TRANSFERT / INSERM CoPoC Synergy between Toll-like receptor signaling and antibiotics in the treatment of pneumococcal respiratory infections JC SIRARD – C CARNOY 2012-2014
Université Paris 13 – Ecos-Sud Argentine Immune response induced by a new vaccine formulation based on a fusion protein between Salmonella flagellin and Brucella lumazine synthase JC SIRARD 2013-2015
Smo’X Conseil régional Nord Pas de Calais Interactions of gene and environment in the development of COPD P GOSSET 2013-2015
UNIFLUVAC FP7-2013 Marie Curie Initial Training Networks Universal Flu vaccine N LYCKE (Gotheburg)- F TROTTEIN 2013-2016
NKTOPT INCa – Projets libres Optimization of iNKT cell-based anti-tumorimmunity via antigen targeting to CD8a+/BDCA3+ dendritic cells F TROTTEIN 2014-2016

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